Article 1. Application

1.1 These general conditions apply to all our offers, orders and contracts for Fullhobbies without detriment to other possible general conditions.

1.2 Placing an order in Fullhobbies implies acceptance of them by the customer.

Article 2. Offers / Contracts

2.1 All Fullhobbies offers are without obligation and in any case applicable to units in stock. Fullhobbies reserves the right to change prices, without prior notice, when deemed appropriate.

2.2 A contract is not considered as such until the acceptance of the order by Fullhobbies. Once your order is accepted, Fullhobbies undertakes not to modify the price agreed therein except for reasons of force majeure, in which case it would be immediately communicated to the customer. In the event that an order is not accepted, Fullhobbies undertakes to notify the client within a maximum period of five business days from the date of receipt of the same.

2.3 A good number of our articles are not suitable for young children, so if you have any questions about this, please contact us at

Article 3. Prices and payment methods.

3.1 The prices indicated on our website are VAT included. Shipping costs are separate. By shipping area and depending on the amount of the order these may be free or not (please refer to transport conditions).

3.2. Payments can be made by bank transfer (in this case, the amount transferred will not be considered as paid until the date of receipt of the amount in our account). In case of payment by credit / debit card/PayPal, the payment date is when the operation is performed.

Article 4. Shipping

The delivery times given by Fullhobbies are indicative. In the event that the delivery tie extends beyond what was initially communicated, it does not entitle any compensation. Only in the event that the delivery period is extended more than 15 days on the date originally planned, the customer can cancel the order and request a refund. In the event that the client decides to cancel the order and request the refund, this would be done exclusively in the account or credit / debit card from which the payment was made.

Article 5. Responsibilities

5.1 You have the obligation to verify if the items shipped are in good condition. In the event that there is a defective item you should warn Fullhobbies as soon as possible. The deadline for any claim is 5 business days. After this period, the client will lose any right to claim.

5.2 In the case of you will find a default in one of the delivered articles, Fullhobbies reserves the right to replace the items in question or to reimburse them. In any case, the articles in question must be returned to Fullhobbies. The return costs will be paid by Fullhobbies.

5.3 If for any reason you do not want to accept the merchandise sent, you have the right to return it within a period not exceeding fourteen business days from its shipment. The return of a shipment will only be accepted if the items are in perfect condition and with their original packaging. In this case, the shipping costs will be paid by the customer. The amount of the order minus shipping costs will be reimbursed within 30 days.

Article 6. Force majeure

6.1 In case of force majeure, Fullhobbies reserves the right to interrupt the execution of your order or to cancel it without any judicial intervention. In this case, Fullhobbies undertakes to return the amount of its order, renouncing the client to any compensation for damages.

6.2 Due to force majeure, any event that prevents Fullhobbies from fulfilling its obligations and whose responsibility cannot be attributed to Fullhobbies shall be understood.

Article 7. Others

7.1 If you communicate an address in writing, Fullhobbies reserves the right to send orders to that address, except if you have expressly communicated a shipping address other than the billing address in your user account.

7.2 If Fullhobbies allows in practice certain exceptions to these general conditions, this does not exclude their strict application. In any case, the client can enforce rights due to the fact that Fullhobbies apply these conditions in a flexible way in order to work within a perspective that seeks first and foremost, customer satisfaction

Article 8. Applicable law and competent court.

8.1 Only Spanish law shall apply to all rights and obligations of a contract with Fullhobbies.

8.2 In case of a possible litigation, only the court of Seville (Spain) will be competent.

Fullhobbies, June 2013