IBG-35029 IBG 35029 1/35 Scammell Pioneer SV2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor  Ampliar

IBG-35029 IBG 35029 1/35 Scammell Pioneer SV2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor

IBG 35029 1/35 Scammell Pioneer SV2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor

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From 1936, the British Army began to receive Pioneer heavy recovery vehicles. The first 43 delivered were designated the Pioneer SV1S[1] and the Pioneer SV1T both with a 3-ton folding crane and lockers for recovery equipment and towing bars. Most of these early Pioneer recovery vehicles were lost with the BEF.

The Pioneer SV2S[2] had a simpler redesigned extending crane that provided greater lifting height, introduced in 1938 the SV2S would remain in production throughout the war, a total of 1,975 were built by war's end.

Among the Pioneer's equipment was a pair of tracks that could be fitted over the two rear wheels, converting it temporarily into a half-track and giving greater traction on soft ground.

The last Pioneer recovery vehicle was not retired from the British Army until the 1980s in Belize.

Tank Transporter[edit]

Matilda tank equipped with AMRA Mk 1a being loaded onto a Scammell transporter, August 1942.

With the exception of the 1932 prototype, delivery of a production variant tank transporter did not begin until 1937. The production variant was equipped with a longer chassis for an extended cab to accommodate the tank crew as passengers and larger rear wheels than the Artillery tractor and Recovery vehicle variants and was given the designation Pioneer TRCU20.[3]

20 and 30-ton (Pioneer TRMU30/TRCU30) tractor/trailer combinations were delivered, in both cases the trailer was more-or-less fixed to the tractor and not demountable like modern semi-trailer trucks. Hinged ramps were used to get the tank onto the trailer, which if immobilised could be pulled on with the tractor unit's winch.

Pioneer tractor/trailer combinations proved too tall to carry higher profile US tanks under some British bridges, resulting in their being superseded by the American Diamond T tank transporter from 1941 on. Despite this it remained in production throughout the war, with 459 being produced.[4] As a result of their tall profile the trailers proved undesirable postwar and most were scrapped; the tractors were retained for use with other trailers or sold into civilian use.


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